Indoor Studio Presets

9 indoor colored presets + TWO BONUS I JUST ADDED (COLORFUL) : Mixed from Moody, Muted, Color & Vintage! A great way for you to start editing how you feel with each session!

Plus a short 8 min video on how to tweak each one if need be! <3

This image to the left was used with THE COLOR.

Soft Vibe

The Bold

The Color

The Mood

The Muted

The Polaroid

The Soft

The Vintage

The Vintage Punch

* This was shot with no natural light & only used my Einstein Lighting system. *

  • must not operate your business within 95 miles from Fairbanks/North Pole ALASKA

Presets are not a one click and done. I do brush work and finish in photoshop &

portraiture. Something to remember when buying presets!

Having good knowledge of lighting, settings, exposures and styling will help your presets work better without having to do too much work!


Using the Einstein Lighting system : no natural light

One Click

No adjustments : using The Color

One Click

No adjustments : The Bold

One Click

No adjustments : The Vintage

One Click

No adjustments : The Muted

One Click

No adjustments : The Vintage Punch

Adding Color & Texture

If you are struggling with the presets : try to add pops of color and texture to try and help your images stand out more!

I love rusts, olives, mustards, creams, burgundy's, grey in my studio sessions!

I stay away from any colors that are neon, like pink, purple, yellow etc. Anything that is too bright I wouldn't bring into my studio.

Also, a colored wall can help make your studio sessions more colorful.

I don't edit with a white wall at all.

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